IBM Hursley, UK   |   9-13 June 2016

What is Hybrid Hack?

Hybrid Hack is a 2 day hackathon for all IBM employees, taking place in IBM Hursley. Teams will choose an exciting challenge and compete in teams of 4 to prototype a solution with real value to IBM. Teams will present their solution on the final day to a panel of executive judges and compete for prizes, opportunities and glory!

This hackathon is focused on working with hybrid cloud products to deliver innovative solutions. Your team's solution will incorporate hybrid cloud technology into the implementation (e.g. Docker, Bluemix...) and we will be providing mentors and lightning talk during the event about these tools!

All teams will present in front of the challenge judges on FRIDAY. The winners of each challenge will be invited back on MONDAY to present in front of the very special overall Hackathon judges. Trust us, you don't want to miss out!

Our team recently organised Hursley Hack. Read the BLOG and take a look at the WEBSITE!










To be announced on Friday 13 May!
We are collaborating with the Cloud Business Development team to bring you some really exciting problems to hack.


This challenge is in collaboration with the UK Government's Digital High Street Strategy! The UK High Streets have seen a decline in business due to competition with online retailers.

How can local retailers use Hybrid Cloud technologies to enhance the experience for their customers? How can companies analyse data and provide insights that improve customer engagement?

This is an open challenge for you to explore all aspects of the high street and technology to create the next big startup idea. You can mix wearables with fashion, mobile apps with food and cloud technology with sensors!


The experience for disabled passengers on UK rail services has been noted and is often identified as something which Train Operating Companies (TOCs) need to collectively address. Owing to the nature of the UK rail network, with different booking systems and the fact a journey often cuts across a number of providers, the passenger has to make multiple requests to separate providers to set up passenger assistance for their journey. The correct infrastructure including ramps and staff must be in the right place at the right time.

This challenge is to use Hybrid Cloud technology to make travel easier and less stressful for disabled passengers. Ideas include but are not limited to: creating a centralised app. for a passenger's end-to-end journey that can handle requirements across multiple TOCs and Transport for London (Tfl). This could also be extended across multiple modes of transport to offer onward travel services like a wheelchair taxi.


IBM is working with UK Health Trusts (NHS) to make their practices more efficient. Your task is to use the latest Hybrid Cloud technology to create a prototype that demonstrates how you would solve some of their pain points, reduce costs and improve the experience of patients & employees in hospitals. Once the prototype is completed, the best ideas will be given the opportunity to develop this into a Minimum Viable Product by September with IBM's Healthcare team.

Example pain points you can tackle are inefficient Bed Management and the management of patients from admission, referral through to discharge. Representatives from the IBM Healthcare team will be available during the Hackathon for more guidance on these.

How do I sign up?


Friday 13/05

Sign-ups Open!

Visit this website at 09:00 BST to sign up yourself or your team to the event! Limited to 48 places, don't miss out.


Monday 30/05

Team announcement

We will release the teams for the event - you and your team can start to choose which industry you'd like to work on and start brainstorming ideas.


Monday 06/05

Challenge Deadline

Each team has to choose a challenge industry by this date. A maximum of 4 teams can work on each industry so get choosing!


Thursday 09/06

Let's get hacking!

Teams arrive at IBM Hursley at 9AM. See the itinerary below.

Hybrid Hack is a part of the IBM Smart Ups initiative.


Why should I sign up?

Are you an IBM employee working in a software, design or a business role? You will learn new technology, meet cool people and build something awesome. It's a great opportunity to develop skills that you don't practice everyday such as presentation skills, networking and innovation.

Who sets the challenges?

We have teamed up with the Business Cloud Development team to bring you 3 challenges. The winning solution of each challenge will be awarded a prize and there will also be an overall hackathon prize.

What if I don't have a team?

Each team consists of 4 members, 3 technical/design and 1 business member. If you sign up without a complete team (i.e. as an individual, a team of 2 or a team of 3), we will match you with other enthusiastic hackers and put you in contact before the event!

How do I sign up?

Sign-up forms will be available on this webpage at 09:00AM, Friday 13th February. There will be forms to sign up as an individual or as a team.

What technologies and languages can we use?

You are allowed to use any language or framework, provided that they don't conflict with IBM's software regulations. This Hackathon will focus on using Hybrid Cloud Solutions (Bluemix Services - Watson, Node-RED), API Connect...)

What if I can't code?

Don't worry. Aside from the quality of your working prototype, you will also be judged on the viability of your idea and the overall user experience. We need software engineers, business minds and creative designers. Technical helpers will be around throughout the event to guide you.

How do I win?

Your team will do a 5 minute presentation to showcase your work to the judges and audience on FRIDAY. Each challenge has a judge and they will assess the quality of your solution based on the following criteria: business value, innovation & creativity, technical execution, presentation skills and the business proposal. The three winning teams will be invited back to Hursley on MONDAY to present in front of the overall Hackathon Judges to win the grand prize.

How long are we expected to work?

You are expected to stay from 9-5 on Thursday and Friday. It is very common at Hackathons to stay to work on your solutions through the night! Snacks and moral support will be provided. Please see the itinerary.

Will there be food?

Yes! We have plans to provide one evening meal and snacks throughout the event. Please bring your own lunch and breakfast or eat at the canteen.

Is it free? Will you pay for my expenses?

The event is free to participate but unfortunately we cannot cover your travel or accommodation expenses. If you have to travel, please check with your line manager to see if they're willing to fund this as it contributes towards your personal development.


Hack Day 1 - Thursday 9th June

1000-1100: Opening presentations
1100-1200: Design Thinking Workshop
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1800: Hack
1800-1900: Dinner
1900-2400: Hack

Hack Day 2 - Friday 10th June

0000-1200: Hack
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1500: Hack
1500-1600: Presentations
1600-1700: Challenge Judging and Awards

Presentation Day - Monday 13th June

1100-1200: Final Presentations & Awards

The Team







We are a team of graduates who joined IBM in September 2015, after doing the Extreme Blue internship.

We had competed in Hackthons before and wanted to bring the energy and experience to IBM!

We believe innovation is key and therefore have set up IBM Smart Ups to to drive innovation and bring real business value to IBM.

Hursley Hack;

IBM's first Graduate and UP Hackathon



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